Hamamori Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Orange County Reservations

Welcome to HAMAMORI

Hamamori Restaurant & Sushi Bar was established with the dream of creating an atmosphere where everyone feels like family. Our aim is to not only serve the freshest ingredients sourced both locally and from abroad, but also to make sure the quality of each creation is consistent and decadent.

Through his many years of experience, Chef James Hamamori has taken his extensive knowledge of the art of sushi to create what has come to be known as Hamamori sushi gems.

Join the chefs at the sushi bar or dine at a table and experience what it means to be a part of the Hamamori family. Our white-on-white decor bolstering an underwater theme paired with our exclusive Japanese whiskeys and sushi gems will be sure to deliver a top notch dining experience to all foodie fanatics alike.

Sushi Chef